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Aura Msimang Leomile Mxo Lokwe Faya Uman Milandru Marabi Jazz Mbaqanga Afrika Alkebukan Soweto

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Afaya is the brainchild of Milandru Mapengo. In a

family that would sing together we ot fond of choral

music and much more of indigenous music performed in

traditional ceremonies.

Cape Town during the varsity years made him discover a

potpourri of cultures, being introduced to mant

Africans from other African countries was an eye


Milandru joined the Rudimentals and started

performances in Cape Town and a Reggae Festival in

Pretoria, a feature on KYKnet. Working in studios in

the Cape, Milandru recorded songs with notable

musicians like Errol Dyers, Tim Parr.

Moving to Joburg and still writing songs led to

meetings with MXO and a live engineering gig for

Simphiwe Dana. In the early 2000s while working at a

studio in Yeoville, he met Aura Msimang who was

working on her third album called Afrikan Child and

she wanted to work with young producers of Afrikan

descent just like the album was called.

Milandru had the privilege of working on the bulk of

the album and rearranging some songs that were started

by other producers. It is a beautiful body of work and

will be out in the near future. It was at this point

in his journey that he knew he has realised his dream

to live his passion of making music.

New album, Musunguri Wa Pemba Out now on Bandcamp, Featuring Leomile, MXO Lokwe, Aura Msimang, Themba Dlamini and more Musunguri Wa Pemba by Afaya

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