Themba Msomi

Themba Msomi was born and bred in a small town named “KwaDukuza” in Kwazulu Natal. Known to his fans as “The Zulu Cowboy”, the proudly Zulu youngster is a great exemplar of true artistry – having trusted his passion for the arts from childhood and actively pursuing a career within the entertainment industry. Msomi is a well known in the ILembe region , occasionally performing at the government departments and municipality events, doing Gospel Jazz Blues Music.

Msomi journey of arts and music , which started 30 years ago, the passion and love for what he is doing is written on his face. He won the Coca Cola Full Blast Music show in 1997, that landed him a recording deal with BMG Records to release his first album , titled “ The Zulu Cow Boy” Themba Msomi he believes that jazz gospel blues is what makes him different from other artists and that why people enjoy his music. , and his distinctive and outstanding voice has become its symbol.

Zulu Cowboy – Themba Msomi

It is hard to classify his characteristic music as it meanders and bend between his various sources of inspiration, such as alternative Jazz, gospel, and blues. What is certain about his music is that it is cloaked in social commentary, and it speaks to the listener. His enduring popularity is largely a result of his music lyrical strength, depth and individuality. A large number of his songs focus on the social and economic issues that govern peoples’ daily lives. With an infectious sense of humour and optimism that prevails through all his music,

Themba Msomi @ Jazz In The Mountains


Beside being a musician , Themba Msomi has been seen in various film , including including the Deejay Man, where he acted as Detective . Other films he has appeared in are , Diepkloof , Dustmine , Ifa laka Mthethwa, and Emzini Wezinsizwa. His growth as an artist has seen him sharing the stage with great names in the music scene, such as Hugh Masekela, Four Forty , Smokey Martins’ Lawrence (Blues Guitarist) and many more.

He has shared his music at numerous venues since 1997 , This includes many festival performances, such as :
 KwaDukuza Jazz Festival 2016
 Durban International Blues Jazz Festival 2018
 Mega Music Show 2001
 Joy of Jazz Potchefstroom 2004
 KwaDukuza Fest 2017
 Life Changers Awards 2017

Themba Msomi

Themba Msomi is currently working with Milandru Music recording his new material. He is due to release a single called Umuzi Onjani which is a cry against domestic violence