Thabang Noosi

Thabang Noosi

Thabang Noosi is a seasoned guitar player with an illustriouus career and an album under his belt. Thabang started contributing guitar for a.Faya in 2014 ans since then he has featured on most of our recordings.

Born in Taung, a township in the North-West province, from humble beginnings, Thabang Noosi learnt to appreciate then what music would be to him today.

Thabang Noosi migrated to Johannesburg to pursue his dream of becoming a star jazz guitarist after playing with various bands in the Northern Cape. Living in Soweto, Thabang has made a name for himself in the music circles.He has worked with a lot of local Jazz acts and gained recognition as one of the most versatile and disciplined session musicians in the market. He has worked with jazz greats such as Louis Mhlanga, Tlale Makhele, to name a few.

As part of a.Faya Bra Thabang has contributed immensely providing guitar parts in rock, acoustic and jazz inspired feels.

A guitarist, composer, producer and songwriter, Thabang Noosi, epitomizes the all rounded artist. With a great respect for craft, Bra Thabang prides himself with the level of refined skill that went into producing his debut album – Fullfillment.

Here (a Faya), Come Back, Guba Nam & Summer Night are just some of the songs that feature Thabang on lead guitar.