Oupa Mokoena

Oupa Mokoena

Oupa Mokoena was born in Sophiatown and raised in Soweto. He joined Dikosha as a musician in 1974. The following year he joined the world reknown Ipi Ntombi as a dancer. This followed with him joining the performance company, Ifindo in 1976 here having multiple roles that of dancer, drummer and singer. This company produced various productions Ubukho Bethu (1993) where Bra Oupa was a drummer. Pearls Of Afrika was made in 1977 and here he took the role of a dancer. Between 1987 to 1990 he was part of an elaborate and succesful production, Amabutho Zulu Dancers which eventually toured the United States Of America.

Within his work in this company he also worked with Peter Torrin Productions as lighting technician, stage crew and then as a stage manager. A man with many talents and showing immense knowledge of the performance arts saw him joining Steve Collings (1979) as a set builder and crew. This company made various productions including the Sun City Extravaganza. More travels led to an opportunity to join the centre of arts at the time, The Market Theatre in 1981 as a lighting Technician, follow spot operator and set builder.

In 1987 he again took a trip to the USA with the Ringling Brothers Circus which toured the country for a period of two years. In 1997 he also travelled to Sweden with Gomorra as lighting technician and continued with his skill as a follow spot operator at the Market Theatre in the play “Misbehaving”. 2007 saw his taking part in the Sasol Nito Project Jbulani 2007. Recently he took part in Murga (2008) as a dancer and the Methapo Edutainment Project and the World Summit Sustainable Development. As members of Dikosha are coming back from overseas to rebuild Dikosha, Bra Oupa has been busy with recordings of the traditional music that has been at the core of his creativity.

Ta Oupa and Bra Stone to some has been instrumental in helping us reach back to a sound reminiscent of the vibes of Sophiatown. Having a company of a pennywhistle and mouth organ we wrote and recorded the original instalment of a song called Izithende Zashukuma in 2009.