Leomile Motsetsela


LEOMILE Motsetsela is a singer-songwriter from the mountain kingdom of Lesotho.  She studied at AFDA in Johannesburg. In no time was involved in live performances and recordings before she could finish her studies.

Leomile’s music is infused with lyrics that address important issues of identity and womanhood. Her treatment of aspects of African life is honest yet ultimately charged with idealism and hope.

Having met in late 2013 together withh guitarist, Thabang we started to record the songs Here (A Fire), Come Back (Say You Feel It Too). The songs are featured on the upcoming Afaya release Musunguri Wa Pemba

Here A Faya was recorded over a day bu the music had been in the making for more than 10 years.

PULA MOLOMO, Leomile’s debut album was launched in September 2016.