Gontse Segona

Gontse Segona

Gontse Segona has been playing a piano from an early age and later fell in love with percussions. A musical practitioner specializing in various aspects in the Music industry,manly teaching and Performance. Free-lancing Percussionist, Composer and arranger.

Baba Gontse is a musical practitioner specializing in various aspects of the music industry mainly teaching and performance and a free-lancing percussionist, composer and arranger. Gontse has participated as a session musician with various artists in the music industry. Gontse recently played with Pops Mohamed at the ICC Durban NACMA Choral awards.

As a tutor he took part in the International Marimba and Steel Drum Festival being a drumming facilitator for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. Currently, Mr. Segona works as marimba and percussion tutor. He has shared the stage with various artists including the likes of Blondie Makhene, Ayanda Nhlangothi, Tlale Makhene and Thebe Lipere just to mention a few.

Gontse comes from the Segona family, one lady you may know of being the keyboard player for Harari.

Gontse appears on various songs on a.Faya which will be released soon. Check with us soon.