Man VS Woman

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South Africa is not the only country that experiences violence against women. Violence against women is reported as physical, including rape. Gender Based Viloence is seen mainly as an assault on women. Men are also subjected to forms of abuse from women. The role our leaders lack in makes the solution to fighting these assaults to be almost impossible to solve.

The inequality of caring for man and woman respectively is not adressed in the right way. Many men face oppression from woman usually in Pschologically and in emotional ways. What can be added to the stress of men is the fact that man are designated providers for families and woman.

Factors that trigger man to be violent towards women have to be identified and dealt with in order for the epedemic to be stemmed out. It seems that in every generation the violence does not die down, men do not learn from the past when they decide to be violent. Is it about learning from the past? Will marches and shaming effectively deal with this issue?

Policing and the law do not prevent other forms of abuse that occur between man and woman.These abuses will lead to physical abuse which is usually reported on and seen as brutal. I almost struggled to understand why some men would still choose to commit these crimes when we are supposedly celebrating ” women’s month”. Are these men not celebrating their mothers who gave birth to them?

Uyinene Mrwetyana was raped by an horny man who is probably suffering from some condition from his childhood. There is a reason why men will force themselves on women as opposed to encouraging a woman to fall in love with him. The post office worker had previously been convicted of armed robbery, and had a rape case against him withdrawn. Without knowing the past we may never know what other people were affected by what made him rape. Wherever the motivation for the rapist and killer’s came from, it may be a where others like him will emerge whether it is his brother, son or friend. He may be convicted but the motivations that breed such behaviours are never checked and dealt with.

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